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Journey to a Better You and a Better World

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Making a Better You and a Better World

Our ancestors risked everything to cross vast oceans for freedom and opportunity.  That took incredible courage and conviction, but we have all benefited from their sacrifice.

When our ancestors faced great challenges they did not shrink back in fear. They stepped out in faith and sailed for America. They came together, pooled their resources and made a big difference. We are doing the same!

How AnVóy Facilitates Another Voyage

We are helping individuals, families, groups and organizations take Another Voyage to a better world like our brave forefathers did. Our goal is not only to create a better you, but to also create a better nation, a new beacon of hope by “settling” a new America, a “virtual nation” called AnVóy America!

We call our company “AnVóy,” which is short for ANother VOYage. It is a fun and creative way that all of us can work together to redeem our culture one person at a time. Our plan is to engage our youth in the life-changing experience of taking ANother VOYage and settling AnVóy America. Together we can build a successful new “nation” that lights the way forward to a bright future. We invite you to be part of this exciting adventure!

Ways You Can Participate:

  1. Help build a better world by taking ANother VOYage on a ship with friends or family
  2. Mentor youth by sharing your values while doing meaningful work and “sailing” together
  3. Be the Captain or Officer of your own “ship.” Use the tools we provide (maps, way points, compass and speedometer) to navigate successfully.
  4. Earn wages and/or prizes by working on the “Ship” as Crew members
  5. Earn part-time or full time income as a “Shipping Company” by helping others organize voyages
  6. Turn your organization into a “Shipyard” that creates Classes of Ships designed for Spiritual, Social or Personal “Routes”
  7. Work for a Shipyard and publish Routes or “Way Points” (based on the Judeo-Christian the values we need to restore our nation)

Working Together to Build a “Better World”

Government won’t solve our problems because improvement will never come from the top down. It can only come from the bottom up by changing the hearts and minds of people – starting with our youth who are the future.

Start by Reserving Your Settlement Location

Although AnVóy America is a virtual or imaginary world, we envision it empowering you or your organization to improve your real world results.  By reserving your spot today you will not be obligated to do anything. You will simply be saving your place in line to have the option to receive the benefit of being one of the first to “settle the new world.”

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Visitors Welcome:
Find Local Ships, People, Orgs:
To learn more...
See our Privacy Promise